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Promoting Your Business Online Has Never Been Easier

Easy to Use

Don’t worry about coding, design or hosting.  We’ve created a clean, professional web page template suitable for veterinary clinics. Simply add descriptions, images, work hours, etc. to create your Featured Page in minutes. 

Need help? We’re just a phone call away.

Mobile Friendly

VetLocal is fully responsive.This means your Featured Page will look professional on any device. Search engines are increasingly giving higher priority to mobile-friendly web pages. 

We also take care of security and infrastructure so your Featured Page always runs fast, stays online and looks great.

Publish Your Content

Creating content relevant to your local customers is a great way to promote your business online. 

VetLocal gives you a dedicated platform to publish, distribute & feature your articles. Your content will also shared on our multiple social media channels to increase audience reach.

More contents = More links to your business.

Benefits of a Featured Page on VetLocal

Questions?  Call us at 1-877-310-1426

Drive Traffic to your Featured Page

Get Listed with Google

SEO does not have to be complicated. We’ll submit your Featured Page to Google. You’ll not only receive priority placement when local customers search for Veterinary Clinics on VetLocal, you’ll also appear on Google Maps.

We’ll take care of all the steps for Google submission.

Custom Web Address

Avoid costly, time-consuming web development! 

With a Featured Page, you won’t need to spend time and money on web development. Our customer service representative will contact you to help select a FREE custom web address (e.g., Use this dedicated web address on business cards and other marketing collateral. It’s that EASY!

Include Your Social Media

Want to show what’s going on in your Facebook and Twitter Feeds right on your Featured Page? It’s easy with VetLocal. 

Using social media feeds show search engines that you are constantly updating your VetLocal Page with fresh content. Add links to other social media channels as well (e.g., LinkedIN, Youtube, Instagram & more).

How to Create a Featured Page

Build a Featured Page in just 4 easy steps.

  1. Sign into your FREE VetLocal account and go to Your Listings.

2. Choose “Upgrade” for the Listing you would like to convert to a Featured Page.

3. [Optional] Fill in the additional fields (e.g., Service & Staff descriptions, Social Media Links, Image gallery, and more) available exclusively to Featured Pages. Need help? We’ll do this for you.

4. Once completed, we will contact you to help you choose a custom, dedicated domain name for your Featured Page. 

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Want More?

Our Smart Directory Network!

Get your business listed on our network of 30+ high-authority online directories. Your business will automatically rank higher in local search. It’s the most cost-effective way to market your clinic online.

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